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Business Credit Builder Program

Build Business Credit and Get Corporate Credit Cards

If you have a Corporation or LLC you QUALIFY Approvals IMMEDIATELY and RESULTS in DAYS!
This is just a starting point and foundation for a true separation of you and your business’ credit. Non-Personally Guaranteed Business Credit!
You CAN completely separate yourself from your business and get company credit cards, including Visa and MC business cards, vendor lines of credit, dramatically improve cash flow, and buy or lease cars and buildings without EVER risking your personal credit.

There are two main business credit reporting agencies in the United States that lenders and financial institutions rely on for information to grant credit. The two credit agencies are Dun & Bradstreet (D&B®) and Experian Business.


  • Over 150 million businesses are registered with D&B®
  • The credit profile created by D&B®* uses information provided by the business owners and vendors of the business
  • Grants a PAYDEX® score to businesses based on payment experiences of the business
  • Issues a D-U-N-S® Rating based on the financial statements of the business

Experian Business

  • Over 14 million businesses are registered with Experian
  • The credit profile created by Experian uses information provided by vendors only
  • Grants an Intelliscore based on payment experiences
  • Is one of the three largest personal credit bureaus

Business Credit Scores

The business credit scores with D&B® and Experian are what the lenders and financial institutions look for to determine credit.


  • Score ranges from 0 to 100
  • A score of 75+ is good
  • Based on payment experiences reported by vendors
  • Need 5 trade references who report to D&B®


  • Score ranges from 0 to 100
  • A score of 75+ is good
  • Based on payment experiences reported by vendors
  • Need 2 trade references who report to Experian

D-U-N-S® Rating

  • Various rating schedules
  • Based on employee size and financial statements
  • Also takes into account payment history

The Goal of the program:

  • All lenders and credit bureau requirements of a business will be reviewed and put in place
  • Create a new credit profile without creating a new identity
  • Save money by bettering your credit score and lowering interest rates
  • Obtain a favorable Credit Score of 75+* based on your companies payment experiences
  • Assistance in obtaining a Credit Rating
  • Assist in developing a credit profile
  • Provide a list of companies that will extend credit with no personal guarantee and previous credit history and will report all payment experiences to credit bureaus
  • Apply for 3-5 business retail credit cards with no personal guarantees
  • Provide resources for vehicle leases, equipment financing or loans under the corporation’s name
  • To keep your business out of the No Credit, High Risk status

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